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Chinese Betting Sites

With a population of 1.4 billion, China is one of the most populated countries in the world. The country is popular for the strict measures taken to restrict betting sites. Despite this, the Chinese gambling industry has managed to thrive. For the best Asian betting sites that offer the best odds, you must use the internet and pick one of the international gambling companies that operate online (and abroad).

This can be a challenging job for beginners: How can you find the best Asian bookmakers? Well, you don’t𓄧 have to: We already picked them for you.

Below, you can see a Chinese bookie sportsbook list with theღ top odds. No matter what kind of sports you are interested in (you can even find CSGO China top betting odds), at least one of these Chines😼e bookies will be the best option for you. Good luck!

Best Chinese Betting Sites in 30 May 2024 – Updated List

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History of Gambling in China

Interestingly, the Chinese people are popularly known for their mastery of betting and different forms of gambling. This is because🐎 they have been a long history of gambling. Gambling in China can be traced to as far back as the first dynasty, about 4,000 years a⛦go.

Since then, gambling was recorded for every dynasty. Many of the games played today like the lottery, pai gow, tien how, etc started in China. With the establishment of Shanghai in the middle 1800s, the people played many local and international games, including roule🌞tte.

Gambling was a popular form of entertainment among officials and citizens alike even though it contradicted the Chinese tradition as taught by Confucious. China’s betting activities were regarded as wasteful and could result in social disorder. It was difficult for ancient rulers to control the activity of the Chinese market until the ban policy was made on physical and online gambling. Since then, the government has been in control of China’s gambling sites and laws.

Most Popular Sports in China

The Chinese have enjoyed traditional sport𒉰s for centuries. Martial arts, cuju, and wushu are a few of these physic𒁃al traditional events. There are also large followings of sports such as ping-pong, tennis, golf and cycling. It is estimated that there are over 470 million bicycles in China.

Of course, if you have ever seen the traffic there you may have an idea why there are so many bikes. There is growing interest in sports like baseball, aquatics, rugby, and volleyball but basketball and soccer appear to have the widest appeal. There are an estimated  here. Basically, these are the most common sports in China betting sites.

The most popular sports in China include:


Soccer is the most popular sport among Chinese people. The nation’s leading professional soccer association, the Chinese Super League (CSL), registers the highest number of attendees for live matches. Bets are played on this team at Chinese football betting sites.


This is another very common Chinese bookie൩ sports among the people. There are an estimated 300 million active basketball playe✤rs here.


Volleyball became a thing of interest for most young Chinese after Lang Ping, Chinese volleyball coach led her team to a gold in the 1984 summer Oꦦlympics in Los 🗹Angeles, and the team has since continued to do well. The game has been adopted by top Chinese betting sites.

Best Sport Betting Sites and Bookmarkers for Hong Kong

Punters that are looking for better China betting odds and those offered by these state-run lotteries don’t have too many choices other than seeking out illegal local or internet bookmakers, but all the time you can do a short trip if you want to use Hong Kong betting sites and other types of gambling.  All of the best♋ Asian bookmakers are located abroad and offer their Chinese bet services over the internet.

Hong Kong, which is the special administrative region of China, was not affected by the ban on betting. This makes it the center for bet⛄ting activities in the country, and it attracts both foreign and local punters who seek to have non-restricted betting experience in Chinese betting companies. The online betting sites, bookmakers, and betting companies in the city offer the same service as those international gambling companies and sites. Some of the best Asian betting sites and bookmarkers as of 2024 are:

Top Asian betting sites:

  • 22Bet
  • William Hill
  • Intertops
  • CampeOnBet
  • 1xbet

How to Choose the Best Chinese Bookmarkers


It is important to patronize Chinese bookmarkers, which are licensed and approved by official gambling regulators. This is because betting involves cash transactions and the provision of personal information. This way, if something goes wrong, you are confident that you are playing at one of the legal betting sites in the industry.

Payment Method

Another important consideration is the method of payment. While some bookmakers and betting sites use only debit cards, credit cards and bank transfers in their transactions, others include more up-to-date payment methods like PayPal, Paysafecard, Skrill, and Neteller. Choose Asian sport bookmarkers that use an e-wallet to avoid legal consequences. Also, consider the currencies of bookmakers to make sure that you have access to the required c♛urrencies.

Diversity of games

Some Asian bookies have a wider range of services than others. It will benefit you if you explore t🍃he online sportsbook and know the range 𒁏of their service.

Additional Benefits

You may want to compare the promotions and bonuses that different bookmarkers offer before you finally make up your mind. Some special packages to look out for include: Money Back Specials, Loyalty Programmes, Multiple Insurance, low deposit betting, and so on.

Customer Support

Investigate the customer support service to ensure that you will be properly attended to if you encܫounter any problem when you bet online.

What are the Most Common Types of Bets in China

There are different bet types that can be applied to Chinese online betting sites. The type of China bets to use u✨sually depends on the game and the personal preference of the player. Moneyline bets and handicap bets are common Chinese bets.

How to Make a Real Money Online Account at Chinese Bookmakers

  • Choose any betting site in China that you like, ensure that it is one of the trusted sports betting sites. Consider the necessary features like credibility, odds, and range of services. Log onto the site and locate the “sign up” button.
  • Clicking on the sign-up button redirects you to a new page where you will provide your data such as country of residence, date of birth, full name, etc.
  • You will also be requested to fill in your contact information. Fill them in accordingly.
  • Next, fill in your personal preferences. Odds display, preferred language, and timezone
  • After that, fill in your log-in details. Use details you can remember because you will need then often
  • Finally, fill in a four-digit security code that you will use to retrieve your account if you lose your log-in details.

Popular Payment Methods for Chinese Customers

Because of the ban imposed on betting, it is difficult to transact on betting sites in China, as it is in Vietnam. The government ꦉblocks betting payments in China between the players and the casino through the state council information office. For this reason, players use e-wallets to make betting payments in China so as avoid the interruption of the government. The different e-wallets that can be used include;

  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Paysafecard
  • Webmoney, etc

Other withdrawals and deposit methods include; bank transfers, credit cards, debit cards, etc.

The best real money mobile apps for Chinese players

Although access to the majority of the Chinese sports betting sites is restricted, you can still wager on your fav🎶ourite sports using the mobilಌe app. Some of the best Chinese betting apps include:


22Bet is one brand that has managed to make its way into almost every part of the universe. It is also a common Chinese betting app. Its 𒀰welcome bonus and other bonuses and rewards are part of what makes it outstanding. 22Bet is a trustly betting site that also accept all odds movement.


What makes Campeonbet stand out among other betting apps in China🎃 is that it gives good odds and a wide range of betting markets. Here, events are arranged according to sports, competition and most popular.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Hong Kong

Online sports betting is clearly against the law in China but it hasn’t stopped millions of people from placing illegal bets. The government has been able to block financial transactions to and from offshore Chinese betting sites and they have had moderate success with blocking several internet betting sites. But if you want to learn more about his field, read our 2024 updated guide about the top 5 offshore sportsbooks.

The rules set to regulate gambling allow the government to monopolize all gambling activities, including football matches, horse races, and lotteries. Two documents, the “Betting Duty Ordinance Cap108” and the “Gambling Ordinance Cap148,” cover the Hong Kong gambling law. With the “Gambling (Amendment) Ordinance of 2002″, online and foreign sites became banned. The answer to the question” Is betting legal in China?” Would be that it is only legal when done in the state-own lottery. Penalties for unlawful gambling include

  • First conviction: fine of $10000 AND up to 3-months imprisonment.
  • Second conviction: fine of $20000 AND up to 6-months imprisonment.
  • Third conviction: fine of $30000 AND up to 9-months imprisonment.

Under the 💟Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China, those found participating in illegal Chin🤪a bet activities face fines and the possibility of imprisonment but the punishment of the operator of the Chinese gambling website is less severe. They might have their website blocked. Domestic syndicates have faced some of the stiffest penalties, however.

Gambling tax in China

Players who gamble in China are taxed 20% of their win if it is above 10,000 RMB. But if the total win is less than 10,000 RMB, no tax is charged. Because the only legal betting centres are State-owned lotteries, there is no tax charged on service providers. Since it is expected that there should be no Chinese sports betting sites, only the government controls betting.

Sports Betting Bonuses for Chinese Players

Bonuses for Chinese gamblers differ depending on the Chinese sports betting sites that are patronized. Different betting websites offer different bonuses. Some of the common bonuses offered by the best Chinese betting sites include deposit bonus (welcome bonus or sign-up bonus), reduced commission, improved odds, no deposit bonus, free bets, betting reload offers, risk-free and no loose offers. 🦩However, you have to make a qualifying bet first to be able to paꦜrticipate in bonus offers.

Tips and Tricks about Chinese Betting Sites

  • Begin with small bets

Betting and mastering Chinese sportsbooks usually take some time, and punters need to understand the tutorials and strategies. It is advisable to begin minor Asian sports betting, so you don’t waste your money while learning.

  • Niche down

Start with betting on your favorite team, especially if you 🍃are betting on a big game. Instead of trying to bet on everything in the betting market and ending up with nothing, a little focus wil𓂃l help.

  • Make Moneyline wager

This wager only requires you to choose the winning team for you to win the bet. It requires a different amount from the spread wager. This tip is also helpful when playing at international betting sites.

  • Do not bet on dangerous sports
  • The best method on how to win at sports betting is to handle it as you would a business, studying it intensely.

Chinese Betting Sites Pros and Cons


  • Fun and exciting experience
  • Varieties of sports and game options for Chinese betting
  • Comfort and convenience
  • Guaranteed privacy and security
  • Offers a wide range of prices that covers all budgets
  • Bonuses and rewards


  • The comfort and convenience can lead to addiction
  • Delayed cashout times
  • Mobile betting exposes players to fraudsters and fake sites
  • The problem of state regulations
  • No personal interaction among players

The Future of Online Betting in China

Currently, online betting is seen as a crime in China, and the activities of Asian sorts bookmakers have been stifled by strict government policies. While the betting community in many countries is growing larger and starting to include live streaming betting sites, the story is different in China due to the long-standing ban placed on gambling.  Whether or not this ban will b🎃e lifted soon is hard to tell because it has existed fo☂r a long time.

Since 1980 when it was last implemented,ꦬ it has not been lifted, and the government has show♌n no sign of doing that soon. Although new Chinese betting sites are being established, the policy leaves an uncertain future for Chinese online betting.

FAQ about Chinese betting sites

Many sports are popular in 😼China, including: soccer, volleyball, rugby, basketball, etc. Martial 🐈arts and Wushu are also common in China.

Yes, betting online in China is possible, but ওthere are limitations due to the regulations against gambling online made by the government.

Chinese bettors, like any other players, receive bonuses, provided♚ it is paಞrt of what the site offers.

Most Chinese bookmakers make provision for c📖ustomer support in Chinese. However, some do not, and you have to learn basic English.

No, online betting in China is Illegal. The authorities actively seek out and prosecute offenders but it is a near-impossible task to get a han𒊎dle on the massive sports gambling population. ⛄Offenders are threatened with jail time but most punters who are caught illegally gambling are only given fines.

Yes, if🎐 you win too much money too often, some betting sites in China can ban you.

Our verdict on Chinese Online Sportsbooks

In present-day China, betting sites and online betting are considered illegal. The only legal games are available are the lotteries owned by the states. However, citizens and residents can still access online betting, but they risk getting caught and punished. They can also visit Hong Kong and HKN bookmakers and betting sites and Macau, where these rules do not apply.

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